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Super Industrial Lining Pvt. Ltd
Super Industrial Lining Pvt. Ltd


PFA Lined Valves
Our provided PFA Lined Valves are made using high grade Per Fluoro Alkoxy (PFA) which are well suited for regulating liquid flow in piping, allowing gaseous and liquid material to flow in uni direction. The mentioned array of valves are highly demanded in construction and plumbing industries due to their easy installation. These also find usage in drip irrigation sprinklers and emitters.
Machined Components
We serve our clients Machined Components which are highly demanded by various industries such as power generation plants, mining industries and various gas and oil refineries. Because of their excellent tensile strength, smooth finishing, enhanced durability and several other features, these, PTFE Machined Components are installed in numerous engines and machines. Depending upon the requirement, these can be availed in different sizes and specifications.
FEP Lined Valves
Our rendered FEP Lined Valves are constructed using top quality Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) which are highly demanded in a number of industries for their capability of withstanding high pressure, high resistivity against chemicals and excellent strength. Valves that fall under this category are helpful in directing fluid flow in uni direction from high to low pressure.
PTFE High Pressure Bellows
High Pressure Bellows are engineered for furnishing strong air blast that are highly demanded for various mechanical and industrial applications so that these can be installed in exhaust engines, fans, locomotive trains, rod boots, lift covers, bearings and many more. The mentioned bellows help in compensating misalignment, constraints of vibrations and thermal expansion.
Lined Valves
The range of our offered Lined Valves is capable of withstanding adverse industrial conditions such as high temperature, corrosion, etc. and still remain unaffected by change in temperature and fluids, chemicals which flow through the valves possessing different concentrations. The mentioned PTFE Lined Valves can be availed in a number of specifications so that these can be implemented in industries like cement, petrochemicals, refineries, steel, fertilizers, etc.
PTFE Lined Pipes And Fittings
PTFE Lined Pipes are engineered using world class Polytetrafluoroethylene so that these can be used in various applications that deals with water because of their high resistivity against water. The mentioned array of pipes are used in a number of areas such as agriculture, construction, plumbing and many more. Based on implementation, these can be availed from us with different specifications.
PPH / PVDF / PP Pipes & Fittings
We offer an array of Lined Fittings made from top quality material including PFA, PVDF, PP and FEP. These are widely used to transfer strong acids, chemicals, corrosives and many more at variable temperatures. Because of their high resistivity against pressure or vacuum and accurate dimension, these fittings are highly demanded in refineries, petrochemical industry, etc.
Antistatic PTFE Lined Valves
We manufacture PTFE Lined Valves with Antistatic properties which are capable of conducting static build up from pipe bore to steel work. For aiding bonding of earth with steep valves, we have specially developed valves by using top quality PTFE which is widely known for its cost effectiveness and an excellent alternate to the earth bonding straps.
PP  PVDF Lined Valves
We serve Lined Valves made from HDPE, PP and PVDF which can be availed with different specifications to be operated at full vacuum and to be applicable in a number of industries like paper, cement, chemical, petrochemicals, refineries, steel, sugar, fertilizers, etc. These help in ensuring leak proof flow of different media including corrosive and non-corrosive that prevents fluid quality from being degraded.
Sight Flow Indicators
Our offered Sight flow indicators are installed inside a pipe for providing a visual in order to verify accurate direction and flow rate of the liquid. The mentioned indicators have a body containing a single or more windows that help operators in observing clarity and colour of liquids. Apart from liquids, these can also be applied for gases and powders.
Lined Flexible Hose Pipe
We serve Lined Flexible Hose Pipe are made with top grade Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFTE ) material which is highly demanded for its excellent resistance to corrosion and aggressive chemicals, acids and bases. Apart from its aforementioned features, the products under mentioned category are appreciated due to its optimum electrical properties. The pipes of this category are capable of withstanding high temperatures from the range -270° C to 700° C.
Socket Weld Fittings
Our Socket Weld Fittings are pipe connection detail in which pipes are embedded into a recessed zone of flanges, fittings or valves. As opposed to butt-weld fittings, our fittings are predominantly utilized for little pipe distances across (Little Bore piping); normally to piping that has nominal diameter.
Butt Weld Pipe Fittings
Offered Butt Weld Pipe Fittings are intended to be soldered on work location at their ends to link various pipes together and permit alter in course or pipe width, or ending or branching. Different sorts of fittings can be socket welded or threaded.
Pipe Fitting Tees
Our Pipe Fitting Tees are the most recognized pipe fitting that are employed to divide or combine liquid flow. These are accessible with female string attachments, dissolvable weld attachments or restricted dissolvable weld attachments as well as threaded female side outlet. Our tees can link pipe of various distances across or alter the course of any pipe run.
Industrial Valves
Provided Industrial Valves are composed with idealize level seating for better fixing. With an elevated pressure rating, our valves are broadly utilized in suction pump side to prevent stream inversion. These are typically employed in conjunction alongside suction pumps to handle pressure in plumbing frameworks while expelling solids that could jam up the tasks.