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Super Industrial Lining Pvt. Ltd
Super Industrial Lining Pvt. Ltd
Inspections and Testing

Traceability :-

We have attributability kept in our set-up right from the raw material to the final product. Besides, we keep information sheets of the item provided from the incoming material examination unit, which inspects them with our standardized drafts of the product along with item test certificate. PFA/FEP/PTFE are sourced  are material that is provided to the particular unit for production. As the material undergo many units like the traceability of the item is kept in definitive information sheets. By maintaining them, we are capable to trace, when the item was used in the process. Under which man, it was handle when the item extends the examination unit, the material is judged in accordance to the examination of ASTM F 1545. The item is punched as the following :

The artifacts are strongly punched on the attach flanges expounding the company's name-month-year-serial no. that facilitates us to intersect source with the independent unit manufacturing sheets kept from material provides to end final quality inspection of the product.

Testing and Inspection PTFE Testing

PTFE liners specimen are interpreted for testing succeeding every sintering. check comprises dimensional, tensile strength, visual and special gravity.

Dimensional and Visual Testing :-

Every single product is dimensionally and visually checked prior to hydro and electrostatic test.

PTFE Testing :-

PTFE Liners Specimen are utilized for checking subsequently each sintering. Inspection includes particular gravity, tensile check, dimensional and visual.

Every results of the tested are written down on sheets and records are maintained for assessment.

Hard Stamping :-

The items are firmly punched on the affixed flanges stating the name-month-year-serial No. of the company, which assists us to cross mention with the distinctive department manufacturing sheets well kept from material content to the end QC of the item.

Electrostatic Test :-

  • Each sole products is considered to electrostatic check of 15KV.

Hydro Test :-

  • Every artifact is treated with hydro test of 29.8 Kg/cm2 for 180 seconds.

Packing :-

  • Paint: Two layers of red oxide or as described by the patron on auxiliary cost.
  • All ends of the artifact is secured by plastic or wooded hand covers for shielding the flaring surface.
  • Packaging of bubble sheet for securing painted surface during the transit period.

Certificates with End Product :-

  • MTC including chemical and physical attributes.
  • Check certificate for material that is utilized.
  • Report of WQC.
  • Completely dimensional checking of raw and final materials on super industrial lining limited information sheets.
  • Each and every product is marked with strong punch in each phase of activity for traceability such as product serial number- year-month and keeping the information on our company data sheets.